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A Quick Q&A on Tanning and Makeup for Photo Shoots

Two Questions Asked of Me Recently on Social Media

Question: Is it OK to get a spray tan or do a lot of tanning before a photo shoot?

Answer: Health issues aside (I am not a doctor, and am not offering this as medical advice) getting some extra color with a tanning lotion or a spray tan before a photo shoot is just fine but as you know, immediately after this is done one can sometimes look a little unnatural. I suggest giving yourself a day or two for the tan to settle down and look more natural before your shoot. With regard to tanning in the sun, always use proper sun protection to help prevent skin damage but tanning before a shoot should be fine with regard to skin color in a photo but again I suggest giving yourself a few days before the shoot so if you are a little pink your skin has time to recover. One big thing to watch out for is tan lines. While a photographer is often capable of fixing tan lines in post processing, they may charge you extra for that if you request it. If you don’t want tan lines in your photos, prepare accordingly.

Question: Do you have any makeup tips before having a photo shoot?

Answer: If you are going to be wearing makeup for a photo shoot, avoid using makeup with any SPF ingredients in it meant to protect your skin from the sun. These sort of ingredients can possibly cause “flashback” with the lighting techniques sometimes used by photographers. If you are going to a big evening event where photographers will be using flash on their cameras, I also recommend paying close attention and making sure there are no SPF ingredients in your makeup. When hit with a flash at the right angle, you will end up with a chalk white face wherever that stuff is. The only other makeup tip I have for you is: Primer, concealer, foundation, and setting powder. Don’t skip any of those steps if you are serious about your makeup situation for photos. My suggestion is to use a professional makeup artist who is experienced with preparing makeup for photos if you want to be absolutely sure it is done correctly.

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