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16 Jun 2018

A Quick Q&A on Tanning and Makeup for Photo Shoots

Two Questions Asked of Me Recently on Social Media Question: Is it OK to get a spray tan or do a lot of tanning before a photo shoot? Answer: Health issues aside (I am not a doctor, and am not offering this as medical advice) getting some extra color with a tanning lotion or a spray tan before a photo shoot is just fine but as you know, immediately after this is done one can sometimes look a little unnatural. […]

28 May 2018

Tech Tip for the Traveling Dance, Cheer, and Pageant Crowds

Pro-Tip from a Photographer Who Travels Instead of writing about something specifically photography related this time, I thought I would do a short write up on an inexpensive device I always have with me when traveling, for use in hotels. This little gadget is usually listed at $40 or under at the time of this posting, and can serve multiple purposes, especially for those of you traveling with families. When you are traveling for a pageant, major cheer competition, or […]

02 Apr 2018

Building a Physical Modeling Portfolio

Basic Tips for Assembling a Physical Photo Portfolio for Beginning Models Once you have had a photo shoot or several photo shoots with a professional photographer, you may decide that in addition to having a digital portfolio you would also like to have a print portfolio, or even more than one version of a print portfolio. Within the modeling industry this type of format is often referred to as a “look book”. While these days most agencies go with digital […]

22 Mar 2018

Preparing for a Pageant Headshot

The pageant headshot is something that every pageant competitor is going to need for one purpose or another. In some pageant systems, your headshot is judged and scored with just as much weight as your on stage evening gown or modeling competition is, while other pageants require a headshot to give to the judges during the interview portion of the pageant so the judges can get a better feel for who is coming in to see them next. Almost every […]

15 Mar 2018

Portfolio Photo Shoot Guide – Women’s Version

While there are truly no absolutes when it comes to what to bring along for a photo shoot, there are quite a few items which both photographers and models agree on when it comes to being prepared. You should always check with your photographer in advance to see if they have anything specific you might want to bring along for a particular shoot, but here are a few basics below. Starting When You Wake Up Do you need to leave […]